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Team Actimel and the Hanimonz


The Hanimonz, protectors of the blue ultra power on Planet Actimel, have been turned into evil creatures by Malaktic and his nasty helpers!Choose which Acti-Hero you want to be, so you can take on the challenge of transforming the Hanimonz back to their good selves and restoring their ultra powers.
The more you look after your Hanimon, the more he/she will progress from being bad to being good. Plus look after more than one Hanimon as you complete the various levels of the transformation!
Each Hanimon’s status bar will keep track of your progress and will alert you if they need more attention!
Look after your Hanimonz in 4 different ways:
- Feed them to make them strong - Allow them to sleep to recover energy - Train them to increase their fitness- Improve their skills by playing the 4 mini games
Collect Blue Coins as you train and look after your Hanimonz and use these coins to spend in the Hanimonz shop!
What’s more there are 12 bonus items to unlock in the shop with the help of 6 special Power Up codes! You can find a special Power Up code on the sticker set inside every Hanimon pack of Actimel for Kids!
Don’t worry, these Power Up codes will also be released on the Actimel for Kids website at for free.
If that wasn’t enough you can upload a picture of yourself to make selfless with the different Hanimonz!
Are you ready to help Team Actimel and complete this Acti-amazing mission? For more information about the Acti Heroes’ challenge to transform the Hanimonz, visit the Actimel for kids website at